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On TradQuest our goal is to share the beauty and simplicity of traditional bowhunting through stories and tips from legends and newcomers of traditional bowhunting.

Hunting the hard way.

Technology in today’s world has changed our way of life, always going faster, trying to get more done. That has also carried over into the way most hunters go about “getting it done” out in the field. With TradQuest we want all bowhunters to take a step back to realize what bowhunting is all about… The adventure, the challenge, the woodsmanship it takes to get close to the animal.

Keep the wind in your face…

Pick a spot…

And shoot straight

Our Hosts

Robert with an elk.

Robert Bourland


James Orr


Traditional Gear for Traditional Guys

Favorite Podcasts

James and Robert pick their favorite podcasts.


Episode 21 - Dick Robertson

I had always read about Dick growing up and was not disappointed when we got to talk with him. I love his no b.s attitude and his love for the sport of bowhunting. Whether you agree with him or not the fact that he says what he thinks without worry is what I appreciate about him!


Episode 3 - Dan

Dan is a personal friend of mine and an amazing hunter, he is one heck of a storyteller too. He is also an incredible woodsman and bowhunter as you will be able to tell from this podcast.

Episode 20 - Warren

We had a blast recording this one! Warren is a blue collar guy who like most of us loves to hunt!! He kept an insane journal of just about everything he did hunting and we get to go over his stats? 🙂

Episode 42 - Marvin

Marv is an absolute stud!! And getting to talk mule deer with him was awesome! He is such a great man and has helped us a lot, Thanks Marv

5.) Episode 50 - Doug Borland.

Doug talks about some incredible adventures, and his time with Jay Massey. Doug is one of those men that just listening to him inspires you to be better in the field!

Episode 48 - Larry Yien

Larry is a bowhunter who also happens to be a world champion longbow shooter! His goal of limiting your gear to increase your experience really made sense to us!


Episode 53 - Larry D

Getting to do this interview in person with Larry was such a great time. Elk Fever got a lot of us out west hooked on hunting elk and Larry’s elk cassette’s taught us how to call!


Episode 41 - Chris

Chris is a Bear hunting fool, amazing storyteller and he has been on some amazing adventures!!! MUST LISTEN FOR SURE!!


Episode 4 - Trent

We met Trent at an archery shoot and immediately could tell we needed to get him on the podcast. Trent is a hunting fool and an amazing bowyer!!


Episode 11 - Mark Penninger

Marks talks about his adventures on Kodiak Island Hunting Blacktail. We had a great time meeting him in person for this one!

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